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Inverter Driven Compressor

Inverter-driven type compressor is applied in whole CITY MULTI (VRF) series. Comparing with previous model, it significantly improves the coefficient of performance (COP). Using inverter technology, our systems produce just the right amount of output to match the exact requirement of any building, which favor the industry for low starting currents and smooth transition across the range of compressor frequencies.


Compact outdoor unit design, silence operation
The new models have a smaller foot print and service space requirement than the previous models. The unit can easily be transported even into slender buildings by elevators, leading to easy transportation, installation and reduction in cost.

To reduce noise levels further, all outdoor units includes low noise mode. Static pressure settings of outdoor unit can also be adjusted according to different conditions, which has 0, 30 and 60 Pa.


Environmental protection design
Refrigerant R410A is used in whole CITI MULTI (VRF) series, which is more efficient and environmental friendly than refrigerant R407C & R22. R410A is a blend of HFCs, which do not deplete the ozone and reduce CO2 emission. Every unit of this series is in compliance with the ROHS Directive in Europe.


Wide selection of indoor and outdoor units
Besides standard type, there are also high efficiency type (8-36 Hp), heat recovery type (8-32 Hp) and water-cooled type (8-20 Hp).


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